HAHA! Eat THAT, Seymour!

Having successfully done “good enough” on my homework for the day, I elected to do absolutely nothing this evening. So I backed up computers (?) and settled in for some good old-fashioned Final Fantasy X.

I made sure everybody had their Overdrive option available, and then I faced down Seymour on top of Mt. Gagazet. (You may recall that the last time I played—sometime fall term—Seymour handily defeated me, multiple times, on top of Mt. Gagazet.) This time, I kicked his pansy ass. Hah!

Actually, truth be told, when I first started playing again I wondered what the hell I had been doing before: why didn’t Yuna have curaga already? Why was Tidus without hastega? I concluded I must have been crazy-stupid before… but, of course, it’s now far too much work to start over and try to do things right. So I just continue to make progress towards finishing FFX with my unnecessarily-flawed characters… and so also make progress towards experiencing the culture-shock that is Final Fantasy X-2. Life is grand.

Word on the street at work is that there’s a new scanner-boy in town. I reckon I’ll have to show him the ropes tomorrow. Though perhaps I shouldn’t call him scanner-boy to his face. Actually, for all my grousing about the transfer of scanning duties, it’s probably best for me—now there’s no way work can distract me from my Real Ultimate Goal: the actuarial exams! (!!!!111oneoneone)

Yeah, so my brain is totally friend after the one-two punch of doing work over the weekend followed by multiple hours of mind-numbing video games. Bet you didn’t notice, right? You all are such nice readers.

And, if you care, an interesting take on the G5 and Microsoft’s decision to base the XBox 2 off of a PowerPC processor, and the effect of this on Apple’s future. Should be interesting times, if that proves true.


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