Ii tenki desu

Today was the best day ever. Sunny and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I got to break out my shorts and drive with my windows down—it was awesome. Better yet, we’re supposed to have this nice weather all week long.

Guess what week this week is? That’s right: it’s dead week! This weather trend never fails. As Marin said, this is “God’s way of punishing the bad kids.”

Of course, I’m still sleeping far too much, and today was no exception. (That, in fact, is a good part of why my blog has been somewhat sparse as of late—when you sleep a whole lot, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for other adventures. Not that I have real adventures.) Suzanne’s email announcing the change in her marital status really threw me for a loop; that night I had a bizarre dream that incorporated quite a few gals I’ve known over the years.

The other thing that has thrown me for a loop was finishing Rahxephon last night. I haven’t been able to get the show completely out of my head ever since… it’s haunting, in a not-spooky sense. The show makes no attempt to hit you over the head with the details of the story, but leaves you enough to piece almost everything together. The music also surprised me in the end; though most of it was too discordant for my tastes, the dramatic pieces in the last episodes really inspired quite a bit of emotion. Upon rewatching the last episode, I actually came damn close to crying; fortunately for my standing as a male, the phone rang at that moment and distracted me. Good stuff.

My only triumph of the weekend was in solving, with the assistance of Renee and Bryan, my math homework during my break on Friday. That allowed me to sleep all weekend, and finish my homework in about forty-five minutes this evening. Provided I didn’t screw something up, that will be a personal-best in time spent on math homework.

Now, the only homework assignment standing between me and finals is a minimum four-page (double-spaced and typed) “journal” of thoughts about my strategic management course. As I can sneeze and type a double-spaced page of text, and this requires no research beyond figuring out what we did each day (thank goodness I took a few notes), I don’t think it’ll be all that big of a task.

Of course, every time I say that I get bitten. Hmm.


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