I’m crazy-stupid

Why in the world did I just spend a good number of hours on stupid tweaks to this blog layout that only I will notice? (Hint: the most notable change is at the bottom of the page.) And why the heck am I trying to add permanent links to my silly posts, especially since none of this blasted thing is automated? (You’ll note that the permanent links are rather clunky—they refer to this page’s ultimate resting file name “blog_03_2004.html”, while the page is currently “blog.html”.) I don’t think there’s any easy way around the fact that these links will require me to post the blog under both file names.

Otherwise it’s been a darn slow day. My family (plus Grandma) ate dinner at McGrath’s, but that was really the only other event of note. Oh, and I read the first volume of Sgt. Frog. I don’t know if I’ll continue with the series, but the first volume did have a decent number of rather inspired rip-offs of anime shows and video games.


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