Today Eric and I joined Andy and Neil in helping Nate move into his new apartment. Nice place; virtually next door to Lee, actually. “Moving” consisted of a very small amount of lifting; we proved most useful in helping Nate’s folks get a big ol’ TV out of the car and into the apartment (it was pretty easy, since we had four people carrying the sucker). After that we hooked up the PS2 and played Virtua Fighter, before Nate’s dad offered to buy us all dinner. (!!!) It was hardly a fair trade.

In Final Fantasy X I foolishly used a special orb to let Yuna copy Lulu’s “doublecast” skill, figuring that being able to cast two cure spells on one round would be helpful in battle. I later realized that doublecast only lets you cast black magic spells—of which Yuna knew none. So I then had to waste more of my special spheres to teach Yuna some black magic, so that the doublecast wouldn’t go to waste. (My business classes had a term for this type of stupid decision, though it escapes me at the moment.)

After doing that, I discovered that Yuna is a more powerful black magician than Lulu is. That kinda hurt Lulu’s coolness factor, in my eyes.

As the title of this post indicates, I’ve been remiss in one major change in my life. About a week ago my sister picked up a cat from the humane society:


She doesn’t know her name—a good thing, since the pound was calling her Maggie May (ugh!)—so we are once again in search of a good name for a pet. We’re guessing she’s about a year old, as she still acts quite a bit like a kitten: she kneads everything, but has a really odd knead that doesn’t involve clawing things to death; she is darn curious about everything; she loves being around people, but is stupid and likes to run in front of you after about every three steps you take. She nearly tripped Dad this evening by doing that.

Yoshi’s actually been really good about the cat; I had my doubts, initially, as I’ve seen him choke himself on walks while trying to pursue wildlife. Turns out that he’s really just quite curious, himself; although he was at first extremely excited by any sign of the cat, he’s now gotten used to it and they coexist peacefully. I’m happy to say that Yoshi is actually a really nice dog…. He only growls at me sporadically, these days, and only halfheartedly when he does.

But, anyway, yes. Cat names, anyone? Marin is taking kitty to the vet on Tuesday, so—as they say in contract law—time is of the essence.


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