Had fun at my “graduation” party. Saw Andy (doi), Kevin, Myles, Betsy, Matt, Nate, Neil, Nick, and Lindsey all in one day—not a bad showing at all. Big news of the day was that Nick and Lindsey are now engaged (their status apparently changed on Friday), which I think everybody has been waiting a long time for*. I drank a good deal of Shasta Vanilla Cola, which I would rank above Vanilla Pepsi but below Vanilla Coke. Aqua Teen Hunger Force provided a surprising amount of entertainment; it’s probably one of my most successful birthday presents (I gave Andy a copy for—you guessed it—his birthday), ever.

[*Word has it that Nick had the biggest, silliest grin on his face immediately prior to asking Lindsey to marry him. If/when I marry, I’m going to be the same way… I mean, I’d never want to get married if I couldn’t grin about it.]

In the evening Eric and I watched Matt climb some random tree while Andy returned to his apartment to pick up his cell phone, and then we all headed to Bullwinkle’s for some hot mini-golf action. Only Neil swore in front of the kiddies.

Andy and I then injured ourselves trying out the local DDR machine, where the arrows were indented about a quarter-inch (meaning when you missed the arrow, you rotated your ankle). We were also declared “homo-gay” by Nate, behind our backs. We capped the evening off by roaming around Fry’s late at night. Andy was tempted by the siren song of DDR for his PS2, but the absence of cheap dance mats ultimately drove him off.

On our way home today, Eric and I stopped by Best Buy and observed the faithful waiting for their place of worship to open. We then explored the Lancaster Mall, which was only impressive in how devoid of people it was. (None of the stores opened until 11:00 am, either, which also confused us.) We capped off our odd visit with lunch at Baja Fresh, which was much less of a deal (though it was still tasty) than we had remembered it to be—we’re now both disillusioned with the place, and much less excited that one is coming to Corvallis.

I was mildly productive when I got home. I managed to get to campus, run into and say ‘hi’ to my friend Elizabeth, and email off my business final, before collapsing in a heap for a few hours. I’m just now starting to think about maybe looking at my probability final.


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