Shari’s, redefined

Ate dinner with Lee and John at Ruby Tuesday. Word on the street (erm… from what Lee says, and what I can see) is that Ruby Tuesday is to present-day Corvallis what Shari’s was to the Corvallis of my high school days. I made the mistake of ordering a chicken sandwich slathered in barbecue sauce, and wound up looking as if I had just killed something with my bare hands. (John: “if?”) Talk included numerous references to dead hookers, so you know the meal was entertaining for all involved.

Mitch (Lee): I’ve never seen so many dead hookers in my life!

Bystander (John): Lord knows I have.

Otherwise, I continue to be impressed with the fact that the follows in my dance class actually seem to like dancing with me. It’s quite the novel feeling. I also spent an hour chatting in the UHC office, after dance class. It’s odd for me to think about, but the vantage of the visitor chair immediately outside of the UHC advisor’s office is probably my most-easily remembered view of OSU; I’ve almost certainly spent more time in that spot than in any other spot on campus.


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