This evening I leveled my Final Fantasy X characters up enough so that they stand a chance against the impressive monsters that exist within Sin. Auron now consistently does quad-nine damage (Wakka is close behind), and Lulu and Yuna are more evenly matched in their magical power. Yay me. I blew through Seymour’s final form like he was tissue paper, which was gratifying after the number he repeatedly did on my party at Mt. Gagazet.

Earlier in the evening I played tennis with Adam and Renee again, where I determined just how much I had lost of my previous skill: I have no aim, limited power control, and I’ve become extremely lazy about getting to the ball fast enough. Adam, in contrast, both gets to the ball almost every time, and can usually put it where he wants it—you can guess who was the dominant force on the courts. Still, it feels good to be swinging a tennis racquet again.

Even earlier in the day I made a distinct point of not stepping foot on campus, despite the seventy-degree temperatures that are guaranteed to make OSU a pleasant place to be. It felt exquisite. Honestly, I’m only now beginning to realize how much school had taken out of me, how exhausted I really am. (Of course, my late-night habits don’t really help me recover, either.) I thought I had a clue before, but I didn’t know the half of it.

Of course, I didn’t actually crack a math text today. I need to get studying, ’cause that actuarial exam is quite scary and will arrive before I blink twice.

Even earlier than today, I was idly surfing the internet and found a comic strip (the overall comic seemed rather meh) that was stupid and inappropriate to the point of hilarity: HBStories comic #2. My sense of humor can be quite weird at times, so YMMV.

So far the only kitty name suggested has been “Daisy” (clever Tiffany!), to continue with the Mario-game related names. I knew my parents were crazy when they named the dog Yoshi. I tried to tell them how everyone in the world except for them would think of a little green dinosaur, but I was too late.


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