The benefits of college

I’m happy to report that, after a long winter, the hotties have emerged from their hottie-holes. The whole concept of hottie-holes was introduced to me last spring by Neil; they are the places that the hotties go when the temperature drops too low.

I walked into probability today to see a score on the chalkboard:

E.T. (my professor’s initials): 0

Technology: 5

It seems that, in the vagaries of command-line FTPing, my professor overwrote the final version of our final with an earlier version of the exam. I found the score amusing, if nothing else; my professor swears he’ll even things up by Wednesday. He also informed us that this was a soccer score, so technology had a significant lead.

This evening I called Lee and John (finally!), and then fabricated my strategic management journal (my last college homework assignment evar!). Thrilling stuff, let me tell you. But, rather than go on, I’ll let you all be mesmerized by my new sidebar pictures and head off to bed.

Incidentally: coming up with titles for these things is hard! Brian helped me this time—I owe him one for that—but, even then, it took ages.

…and now Brian has just pointed out the moral equivalent to my blog: check it out. sigh. I’m so depressed.


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