After giving my cut ‘n’ paste fingers a workout, all entries in this blog (all the way back to the beginning—a whole ten months!) should have permanent links now. I doubt they’ll get that much use, but they’re there if you want ’em.

Today started out pleasantly enough: I poked around the iTunes Music Store, finished reading the first volume of A.I. Love You (Ken “Love Hina” Akamatsu’s first commercial work), and checked up on my grades. A.I. Love You is odd; it was originally created in 1994, before computers and the internet really hit it big, and so there’s quite a bit of explanatory jargon that needn’t be there in this day and age. The story also feels a good bit rougher than Love Hina’s: imagine protozoan Ah! My Goddess crossed with protozoan Love Hina, and you actually have a decent taste of the story.

My math grades were in, and so—unless my last business class stabs me in the back—The Streak will live eternal. I do not anticipate owing Thom a milkshake, and that’s a good thing. I am humbled, in that my probability grade was only as high as it was because my professor was kind enough to grant me an extension on that first assignment… (Actually, in all honesty, The Streak should have ended with my first term of physics my sophomore year.) But I’ll stop babbling on about that.

Aw, bump it. I can’t even find an interesting link to point y’all towards right now. Guess it’s time to turn off the computer for a while.


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