Why won’t you die?!

Here’s something fun to think about: Brent:Probability Final as Freddy:Jason in the movie Freddy vs. Jason.

In other words, after some macabre humor and many incidental deaths, I wind up repeatedly beating on the probability final—delivering multiple lethal blows—only to have the damn thing keep rising up and attacking me again. (In frustration, I exclaim the title of this post.) In the end, the probability final decapitates me, but I too somehow live.

My head frickin’ hurts. I have solved exactly 1 and 2/3 of five problems (or six problems, if you count the extra credit problem). While that may sound paltry, do note that both the first two problems consist of three parts each… so, while I still suck, I did do some damage.

While I suspect it won’t do me any good, it’s time for me to go back for another round. Getting this thing done by Thursday (while taking another exam on Thursday morning) is starting to look like an… interesting… proposition.


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