My head is pretty much trashed today. This “day-after” effect appears to be perfectly positively correlated with my attempts on the actuarial exam. I think I’ll spend the rest of my waking hours updating some records, cleaning things up (both on my computer and in my room), and trying to set up an automated backup system between my computers. (While I don’t have any data that’s worth all that much, it’s still my data.)

Ooh! Shiny! (Link first seen on If my old high-school group of friends were intact—and much larger (and/or flush with cash)—I’d be tempted to try and get everyone to pitch in to buy a trebuchet for John. I think he’d appreciate it the most of anyone I know.

And for the stupid, stupid, stupid link (brought to you by Brian): Ames Riot Police. Dumb, but funny.


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