Way back in the day, I was involved with my high school yearbook. I spent two years as the layout underling to Josh’s layout editor, and then spent my senior year as the layout editor proper. Throughout that time I experienced multiple instances of hefty amounts of stress—the most memorable instances being when the server died just days before a deadline. (Yes, the plural is intentional: that dumb server died on us twice in one year, actually.)

By the time I became an editor, I was already tired of the stress; by the end of that last year, I was completely worn out. (I remember buying a Super Big Gulp of Mountain Dew from 7-Eleven around that time—the only time I’ve ever consumed that much Mountain Dew. I’m still probably sterile because of it.) I was more than happy to get back to my quiet, do-nothing life.

Today I was introduced to the latest crisis at work: there are decent-sized discrepancies between the number of items we should be billing and the number of items we are actually billing. I was given the task of ascertaining what items had been billed, and what items had not, and needed to do so ASAP (because we’re on the verge of not being able to bill these things, due to a legal time-limit). Until the monotony of reading tiny lines off of a sheet of paper really set in, I was quite energized by the (pseudo-) emergency. It’s been a long time since yearbook, but I guess a part of me still reacts to the rush of a crisis just before a deadline.

Outside of work, very little happened. I managed to modify my various page layouts (with the exception of the blog, which was already set up properly) so that they display as well as they can on a browser that doesn’t support CSS. Odds are nobody who visits this “site” (erm…) will care, and the pages look no different with CSS, so I pretty must just wasted my time. Yet I still felt the need to modify my so that they follow convention; I suppose that’s just one of my little quirks.

I’m still impressed by how quickly my days pass, and how little I accomplish each day—I’ve noticed it before, but I don’t think it’s been quite as ridiculous as it seems to be lately. My lack of schoolwork seems to have exacerbated things; what little balance I had in life, before, has now been completely destroyed.


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