I had a spring in my step today. Going dancing last night did me good. Work also improved, after talking to my office manager; with my priorities in the open and my assigned tasks now (somewhat) lightened, I feel like I might have half a chance at actually studying for my upcoming actuarial exam. I chatted some with coworkers while I ate my lunch, which is another change for the better—I usually distance myself as much as possible from others at work, as they’re frequently not the happiest people to be around.

Hmm… What I’m trying to say is that I had an unusually good day, for whatever reason. I could think positive (as Apple would advertise), for once.

The problem with being upbeat in all aspects of life is that it drains my energy something fierce. Let’s revisit the SATs for a moment, to illustrate this. CHEERINESS:BRENT ::





I simply don’t have enough power to make it through a full day of being happy, so I start petering out around dinner time and crash hard about 9:00 pm. Today I delayed the impending unconsciousness by watching CSI and poking around random websites (second link brought to my attention by Tiffany). Sadly, that leaves me here, now, trying to type something while suffering from a near-total inability to write coherent sentences.


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