After more of the usual at work—i.e. having more work dumped on me than I can possibly do in the hours I intend to work (I need some time to study for the actuarial exam!)—I wandered into the Registrar office at OSU to drop off a card declining an invitation to participate in commencement in June. (I’ve never been that big on ceremonies, and I’ll have already been out of school for some eleven weeks by the time I could walk.) My efforts in delivering the reply card were wasted: I picked up my diplomas at the Registrar desk—using my ancient OSU ID for the last time—and hence didn’t need to give them my response. So, with a small “congratulations,” I conclusively ended my time at OSU. (Renee and Adam were coincidentally in the area, so they were the only real witnesses to my “graduation ceremony.”)

My diplomas (one in math and one in business, if you hadn’t guessed from previous class-inspired rants) are now buried in the back of my desk. There they join my high school diploma.

I spent the rest of yesterday evening fighting the heavy layer of dust that seems to pervade my room; I wound up cleaning off all the easy areas. Go me. I then tried to clean out my desk a bit, but only had marginal success there; past purges have eliminated a good deal of the detritus I’m willing to part with.

Today I put my mad Excel skills to work in trying to determine which health insurance option I should take from my insurance provider (they’re reorganizing everything, hence the need to make a decision), only to discover that I have no clear preference between plans. Am I more likely to visit the doctor a handful of times (note that I’ve been to the doctor so frequently that my pediatrician is still my PCP), or get into a massive accident and owe tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills? After failing there, I began eyeing auto insurance options. Managing the details of life is such fun!

Did you know that George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is now public domain and downloadable? (I didn’t, until Ars pointed it out.) Even with my cable connection, I was only willing to download the 200 MB version… still, it saves me $2 at Hollywood.


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