Word on the street (where “the street” is defined as Ars) is that Google is now beta-testing a free email service where users each get a gigabyte of storage space. The date on the press release is April first, though, so I remain skeptical. (Doesn’t it just seem a little too convenient?)

My parents managed to (not really) break my G5 today, and in doing so discovered its secondary use as a miniature wind tunnel. (When your computer has nine fans, and all nine rev up to top speed, it sounds something like a small jet.) Sadly, when I came home to fix things, I discovered that the fans weren’t even close to top speed (think “vacuum cleaner,” not “F-14”). Mom and Dad were impressed, in a not-so-good kind of way.

Hrm. Time to save the world from Sin—tonight will be the final battle. I’ll leave you with two quotes of the evening, both of which demonstrate how tired I am:

Scene: Basement, in evening. Marin avoids doing her homework by pestering Brent.

Marin: It must be nice to be graduated.

Brent (singing, very off-key): La de da da. I am in the land of milk and honey. You can look, but do not touch.

Scene: Basement, minutes later. Marin prepares to inform Brent how stupid he is.

Marin: In the information age, you are a troglobit.

Something about Marin’s thought process—the transition from troglodyte to troglobyte, and then to troglobit—struck me as hilarious.


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