Still tired, but this time because I once again picked up the DDR mat (amazing how much I lost in the month or two I haven’t DDRed), and then later in the afternoon played tennis with Adam, Brian, and Renee. I’m happy to note that my serve is almost serviceable again, and a small number of my shots look decent (an infinite percent increase over my earlier performance!!!). After tennis I got to meet Renee’s rabbits (so cute!), and be beaten in both Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart 64^GC whatever. A pretty good day, I’d say. Tomorrow evening features a ballroom dance, so tomorrow should be an OK day, too.

Though I was too tired to write about it last night, Marin and I watched Fruits Basket on Friday night while drinking ramune—drinks courtesy of Brian. Since I had only had the stuff once before—far earlier than my memory functions—I bothered to read the instructions for opening the drink. They read something along the lines of:

1. Tear off protective wrapper, and remove opening device from its protective stand.

2. Press down on the marble firmly with the opening device.

3. Hold opening device in place for five seconds.

4. Throw away opening device and enjoy your drink.

I laughed when I read how long you were supposed to hold the opener in the mouth of the bottle. And then I opened my ramune.

Damn, that marble really released a lot of carbonation. I’m glad I followed the directions.

It was a tasty drink, though, and the unique design forced me to savor it slowly, rather than guzzle the whole thing in one shot. It actually fit well with Fruits Basket, too, for whatever reason. (Thanks, B!)

In other news, Calliope appears to be simultaneously too smart and too stupid for her own good. I witnessed her opening the door to the deck on her own—something which makes me fear for my room, whose door has been perpetually shut since we got our new pets—and later watched her try to jump into a closed window. She also mews incessantly in the early morning, but lately I’ve outsmarted her by being too tired to be woken by that.


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