My computer decided to start eating its own files yesterday morning, so I’ve been offline doing a clean install of everything. (This wasn’t what I meant when I said I wanted to clean out my computer.) Fun times, let me tell you… but things seem to be working even better than before, so I won’t complain too loudly.

(Actually, there wasn’t too much file cannibalism that I saw—just a lot of weird behavior that eventually culminated in iTunes losing track of my audio files, despite being able to tell me exactly where they were. Since OS X is generally pretty darn stable, weird quirks like that make me think it’s time to start fresh, while I can still start fresh with all my data intact.)

Not a whole lot else has happened. I foolishly decided to DDR while my computer was grinding away on installations, and then proceeded to install Final Cut Pro. Odds are only Eric knows how long FCP takes to install—there’s something along the lines of three DVDs packed with files to copy—but it suffices to say that I wore myself out a good while before that wrapped up.

This evening Marin and I watched an episode of Midori no Hibi, and I was completely enthralled by it. (Story so far? Gal ends up as guy’s right hand. Don’t ask me how, but it works.) I’ve been tricked by first episodes before—see Real Bout High School—but I’ll still be picking this one up when it makes its way stateside. RBHS felt like exceedingly dumb fun at its best; Midori no Hibi has something much more to it. I’m not the only one who seems to think so, either (based on impressions of the first episode): check out Jeff Lawson’s take on the show. He trumps me by having pretty pictures. (He also trumps me by actually posting comments about the show beyond the basic premise and a gut reaction… but I’ll ignore that for now.)

And for your odd link of the moment, check out the random letters people wrote to their future selves at (saw this on Weird idea—what would I write to my future self?

Not much, I’d guess. Hell, I had to write my own obituary as a college entrance essay. If that’s any guide, I’m going to live a boring, boring life.

The other essay for that application, now that I think about it, was about what effect higher education had on one’s duty to others. I was especially happy with my answer to that one: the duty is no different, but an education might give you more options when a situation arises. Person drowning? You can call for help—or, with the proper training, you can dive in and rescue them. Something like that.


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