Text-based adventure

Pretty much more of the same today. Still tired, and thus easily made grumpy. Took a nap. Otherwise accomplished little, though I did get to eat some TCBY yogurt cake in the evening. If you haven’t tried TCBY’s cakes, you really ought to. They’re quite tasty.

The one noteworthy event of the day was the result of a brilliant (if I do say so myself) inspiration I had while chatting with Brian via IM. I decided that I was playing a text-based adventure game (remember Zork?), and Brian was my character in the game. He got commands such as:

> face east

east? I am

> dammit


Actually, Brian tried to play along and give me some prompts—I just never took them. That’s actually how I played those Zork games, too.

And that probably explains why I never made any progress in any Zork game. I did get far enough in Return to Zork, though, to know first-hand the classic line that is “Want some rye? ‘Coss ya do!”


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