The bitter taste of losing everything

Since yesterday was a decent day overall, and today wasn’t going too badly, I had to go and ruin things by taking the second of my three practice actuarial exams.

My score? Go ahead, guess. Seriously.

The exact same damn score I got last time. (!) Instead of demonstrating that I’ve gained absolutely nothing, it demonstrates that I made progress in some areas and regressed in others. Dammit. I now have just under one month to get my act together.

At this rate, I better hope that 21/40 is the passing cutoff. Hell, I would expect to get 8/40 just by guessing randomly (though, to be fair, I didn’t guess on the ones that I didn’t have a clue about—and there were a good number of those).

Most embarrassing are the basic interpretive calculus questions I seem to always get wrong. (You know the kind: given this graph of the second derivative of a function g, determine where g is maximized.) It’s almost worse than the traditional mathematics curse of being able to do calculus but not basic addition.

Probably a good thing my professors can’t see me now. They’d want my diploma back, or something.


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