The world is now safe

I defeated Sin early this morning, and freed the world from its cycle of suffering.

After sleeping, I took a look at a Final Fantasy X FAQ, and discovered how little of the game I had actually played through (my total time was somewhere near 40 hours). My interest in RPGs has never been to find out every little secret of the game, but rather to kill time with an enjoyable story… so I’ll probably never bother hunting down, say, the celestial weapons. I think I might have to sniff out the remaining Jecht spheres, though, just to see how “hilarious” (the FAQ’s description) Braska’s pilgrimage was. I will then cast dispel on myself, and free myself from the chains of a Very Good video game.

Alack! On the shelf next to FFX is FFX-2, and its siren song is quite strong. As is my desire to be able to say I’ve seriously played Mahou Shoujo Final Fantasy (I think Tempy’s blog first introduced me to that description, but my memory often fails me).

I spent far too much time today wandering around the various shops in town while trying to find a stupid DVI (to DVI) cable for my computer. The best moment was when the gal behind the counter at The Mac Store had absolutely no idea that such a cable existed, but was aware of the fact that the G5 had a DVI port. At the end of it all, I was forced to conclude that there is not one single DVI cable for sale in my entire town.

Andy has a rule about not living in a place where you can’t walk into at least one store and put your hands on actual RAM. (Not the worst rule you could have, IMO.) While I can do that, I have now met the limitations of my city. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised: I didn’t think this cord was all that rare an item. I guess I’m a bit more cutting-edge than I thought I was.

I don’t even know if the stupid cable is really worth the hassle. I hear that the image with a digital cable is much improved over that with an analog cable, but my monitor already looks pretty darn good, to my eye. Then again, I did see definite improvements in DVD picture quality when going from RCA to S-Video, and marginal improvements from S-Video to component—and before that, I thought RCA wasn’t too shabby. (Well, those are all probably analog cords… but you see what I’m getting at.)

Ah well. Now that the specter of FFX has been lifted from my back, I should probably try to get back onto a more-normal sleep cycle again. As it now tends to be sunny and warm during the day, there’s a definite benefit to being awake for it.


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