I either did you a great favor, or a great disservice, by not telling you to watch NBC’s 10.5 this evening. I mean, it features Fred Ward and Beau Bridges as buddies (linked movies are the ones I most closely associate with the actors), where Bridges is actually POTUS. It has horrible overacting, an overly contrived plot (female scientist with non-standard theories that might be correct? Check! Idiotic daughter? Check! Heroic self-sacrifice for the greater good? Check!), and the primary special effect appears to be really bad camera work.

Actually, the “shake the camera for instant earthquake” formula wasn’t all that ineffective. It was definitely better than watching toy cars fall off of a fake Golden Gate bridge.

Nevertheless, when a movie about earthquakes drags in nuclear bombs (I <3 NUKES!), you know you have comedy gold on your hands. My entire IM with Brian last night, after I realized that 10.5 was on, consisted of lines such as:


Brian didn’t seem to be as amused as I was.


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