Blinded by science

Dad picked up an LED flashlight today. That sucker is damn bright; it illuminated the garage of a neighbor across the street from the middle of our driveway. I’d compare its output to the output of my big four-D-battery Mag-lite—impressive, since the LED light was using three AA batteries and should far outlast the Mag-lite.

Unfortunately, the LED flashlight is nowhere near as effective as the Mag-lite at blinding and then beating an assailant. (It’s shortcoming isn’t in the blinding part of the equation.) Nevertheless, I feel inclined to pick up an LED flashlight for myself.

Otherwise today was pretty boring. I scanned another load of paper at work, and then (after clocking out for the evening) made Claude (the plush crab, who is still hanging around outside my cubicle) a Party Hat.

It’s pretty much a poor-man’s Party Hat, at this point. If I’m ever bored at the end of work again (usually when I’m waiting for Marin to clean up), I’ll make Claude a real Party Hat—blue with yellow stars.

The whole inspiration for a party hat comes from Super Smash Bros. Melee, where you can play as Pikachu and select what type of hat he wears. Pikachu with Party Hat is pretty much invincible, in my experience. Even when I play him—and I suck at Smash Bros.


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