Busy Day

This week’s Movie Night movie, as selected by our crack panel of three disinterested males: Hell House. This is a documentary of Trinity Church’s (of Texas) efforts to put on “Hell House X,” which is—ultimately—an attempt to scare people into converting. (Trinity Church apparently started the trend; by now you might have seen “hell houses” in your neck of the woods.) The video was surprisingly interesting, and—at least to me—seemed relatively free of judgement.

Two highlights, for your amusement: one guy had eyebrows so thick that we started to refer to them as noribrows (think Amarao from FLCL); one line that people were practicing saying dramatically was do you really want to be your own sister’s mother??!

I dunno, perhaps the second line was funny only because of the cut done (think something along the lines of going from a scene involving people talking seriously to a scene where a guy is holding a sheet of lines and belting out that line)—but the noribrows were inarguably comedy gold.

Oh yeah—and then there was the last-minute panic about finding something that could be used to cut a throat in one of the scenes. A Christian-school teacher, who just happened to have a straight razor in his desk, came to the rescue—leaving me laughing at the “we’ll be careful!” comment said by one of the actors, and Nate wondering why in the world this guy had a straight razor in his desk.

Looks like today will be a busy day (some way to spend a birthday, eh?). I need to take the final practice actuarial exam, which will drain me of four hours and my will to live, eat cake, and then attend OSU’s ballroom dance in the evening.

(Yes, this constitutes a busy day for me. Why do you ask?)

My horoscope in the paper says that I’m in top form today, and will be viewed through rose-colored glasses by others—and consequently I should begin things that will lead to long-term happiness and prosperity. ::grin::

If only horoscopes meant something.


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