Day trip

Took a day trip to Portland today to visit Andy, Nick, Kevin, and others. Turns out today was Dogg’s birthday, so we had Neil bring a (now-traditional) Birthday Forty. Whereas Andy had gotten Steel Reserve for his birthday, the forty this time was Old Milwaukie; from others’ reactions, I take it that Steel Reserve > Old Milwaukee.

Darn nice to see the gang again. Andy and his crowd started a game of poker; Nick, Lindsey, Nate, Neil, and I sat around and chatted, and others joined and left the conversation as time passed. Though I never actually say all that much (that pretty much holds true no matter what situation I’m in), I’m definitely happiest when I’m surrounded by good friends—and today was no exception.

And, on a completely unrelated note, I wish Get Smart would be released on DVD. MST3K, too—that is, in a way that would let me collect the show without selling (others’) organs.


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