Tried a Fire-Grilled Salad from Burger King for lunch today. It was a good size, and pretty darn tasty; I’ll be back for another. That I am writing this is pretty amazing, actually: I hated salad when I was younger, ever since I choked on a piece of lettuce when I was three. (That’s a long time to hate salad!) I actually owe my salad-eating ways to Brian’s folks, who served me a small salad every time I ate over… after a while, I got used to it.

Saw a coworker who had gotten into an accident (with an unlicensed, uninsured illegal immigrant who ran a stop sign) over the weekend. Informed her that I was glad it took more than a car wreck to take her out.

Later watched a preview of the new Zelda game (link found at BuzzJive). Thought it would be nice if 3D games didn’t make me hurl chunks, because that one looked pretty darn cool.


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