Hopping a train

Third practice actuarial exam down: 30/40. I’ve found one more trick that I should add to my arsenal, that would have given me two more problems; the majority of the others were sundry dumb errors. I’ll never escape those… hopefully I won’t have enough of ’em to sink me on the real thing.

Tomorrow I’m boarding a train for P-town, so I’ll be incommunicado until Wednesday evening at the earliest. I get to assemble what stuff I need tomorrow morning, which should be both easy (since I’m travelling light) and annoying (because the odds of my forgetting something I need will be higher). This’ll be interesting, if nothing else.

This would have been so much easier if the exam was being offered at OSU, like it has been every time except this time.

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately, too. I wish I remembered more of them, ’cause they were more interesting than my usual; all I have, right now, is a vague recollection of a conversation with Steve Jobs. I’m sure there was more to it than that, though.


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