Movie night #1

Just finished Movie Night #1; the numbering is in the hope that we’ll continue to get together to watch movies on future weekends as well. Nate, Eric and I watched Master and Commander tonight: good movie, and (for once!) a good use of surround sound.

I wasn’t sure I’d live to see the day I heard a really good 5.1 audio track that wasn’t from an animated feature (and thus had no problem faking sound from behind, since they’re faking the sound in front as well). The odd truth I discovered after I got rear speakers is that you mostly only care about the sound involved in what the camera is showing you; that there aren’t too many instances where there would be all that much sound coming from all around you (i.e. the camera).

Nightmare on Elm Street supposedly features a 5.1 audio track; the most I ever heard out of the rear speakers for that movie was a bird tweeting. Not unreasonable, but not movie-experience-altering, either.

Not so with Master and Commander, though. There are boards creaking and ropes groaning all over the place when things are quiet—and all hell breaks loose once a cannonball strikes. It really did make the movie more engaging, I thought.


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