Oh! desu

Took the first actuarial exam for a second time, as I had pretty much forgotten what all was on it and I wanted to make sure that I really could do the problems. Of course, the second time doesn’t really count, but I did score much better: 34/40. One wrong answer was a differential equation problem that I’ll never get (there seems to be one on each exam, and I’m just writing it off), and a second was a dumb mistake (I doubt I’ll escape those, either). The other four are the ones I now get to look at seriously.

Tomorrow I’ll take the second exam again. Not so much because I’ve forgotten it, but to make sure I’ve gotten those problems down. Then, in a climactic barroom brawl, I’ll face the third exam—my one remaining legitimate exam—sometime this week. (From the first two tests, it seems like I should be able to get at least 30 of the 40 questions right, with ones above and beyond that becoming more and more questionable….)

After trashing my head, I trashed my legs (i.e. I got stuck taking Yoshi on his evening walk). I took my iPod, which was the smart move I made; the dumb move was to let Yoshi lead the way. We got thoroughly lost in the back roads around my house (their layout gets pretty darn messy, actually, and I’ve never had reason to get it all straight in my head), and emerged on 29th Street some hour(s) later. Once there—a location I did recognize—I started making the decisions about where we headed.

(Sadly enough, until I got my bearings, Yoshi really was the better bet between the two of us. I managed to get thoroughly lost in Paris, four-ish years ago, courtesy of my lack of memory and sense of direction.)

Rounded the evening out with a few episodes of Fruits Basket (where a sick Tohru said the title of this entry). It’s still a really nice show.


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