Okay, so the days weren’t quite busy

The weekend turned out to not be as busy as I had thought it would be. First, we decided not to drive up to Portland today to check out the exam location; this allowed me to put off taking the third exam until today. Then, today, we decided that (instead of driving up) I should hop a train up to Portland, jump on their bus system (which provides free service between where I’ll end up and where I need to go), and then spend the night before the exam in a hotel… which meant that I spent today looking at ticket fares for the train (versus, say, a bus ticket) and for a hotel near the test center.

Which meant that I didn’t take the third practice actuarial exam today, either. Hmm.

To top it all off, I then took an extremely lengthy nap. I’m thinking that this exam is going to be quite fun, if I continue as I am. Still, I’ve recently begun thinking about how life is going to be after I take the test (regardless of how I do); I’ve put off a good number of activities that I’ve been interested in because of this exam, and—suddenly—I’ll be able to actually do these things.



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