Stupid, stupid people

Wow. Eventful day, just not for myself. (Lesser people might title this post Headlines!) Former Oregon governor Neil Goldschmidt stepped down from his position in the state board of higher education today, first citing health issues… and then, later in the day, admitting (registration required) that he had had a sexual relationship with a fourteen-year-old in the late ’70s. Good Damn. What the hell was he thinking? Can’t people keep their pants on? Am I the only one who looks at college freshmen (college freshmen) and thinks “damn, they’re young”? This is the Oregon mini-equivalent to the Clinton scandal, except replacing “lied under oath” with “statutory rape.” Jeebus.

Speaking of scandals (I am a master of the segue), people in my town are paying $2.24 for a gallon of gas, and $2.50 for a gallon of milk. (How is milk more expensive than gas?) If we invaded Iraq for oil, as many still seem to think, then I at least want a piece of the damn cut. Bump being persecuted for something (from my vantage-point) we’re not doing.

And speaking of that war on terror, police today arrested a Portland attorney for having ties to the Madrid bombings. Though the CNN article doesn’t elaborate, local TV news was reporting that authorities found his fingerprints on a bag containing bomb parts—in Madrid. Nice.

Yeah, so I’m feeling somewhat caustic and bitter right now. That’s good, in a way, because feeling that way takes energy—something I’ve been lacking for the last few days. I woke up in high spirits (and I’ve already mentioned that being happy is typically a draining experience for me), though admittedly still feeling a bit spacey. I think I’m (finally!) starting to beat down this bug.


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