Blog construction update

Slow progress on the new blog. I’ve got the main page, the individual post page, and the monthly page layouts finished—leaving the archive page for me to tackle, and then a fun manual-import of all my old posts. I have an ambitious (for me) dream of what my new archive page should look like, but I suspect I’ll have to settle—for now—on something a bit more pedestrian.

Incidentally: don’t get your hopes up for a redesign associated with this move. I’ve been having enough fun getting Movable Type to conform to the current layout that I don’t feel the need to have the additional fun of tinkering with HTML and CSS again.

Another aside: it looks like I will lose a bit of functionality, for the time being. I’ve elected to drop the clunky JavaScript code that litters my (old) blog pages, but haven’t figured out enough server-side stuff to get my page titles to rotate along with the sidebar picture. Once I do figure that out, the rotating title will return.

Today was pretty much a non-event. Tomorrow morning is scheduled to feature a mandatory and important meeting, which might prove for some entertainment. (I’m not getting my hopes up, though, as the last meeting was incredibly dull and pointless despite being “mandatory.”)


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