Change is a-brewing

The traditional location of this blog is not long for this world. I just spring for a domain name and some cheap hosting, and will soon move up into the realm of websites proper. (So much for my permalinks being permanent, eh? I doubt anyone used them, so I don’t feel bad.)

We’ll see if I can get things set up tomorrow evening. Should be an adventure, right? And once I get things over there, I can work on porting brent//BLOG to some more automated system that should (at least) allow for comments.


Nobody knows where the fun will stop.

Getting all that sorted out kinda ate away at my evening, though, so I don’t really have time to update everybody on the brick-a-brack of my daily life. You’ll just have to look forward to my tale of a Beanery visit with John, and a secondhand tale of how weird my cat is—though I doubt anybody ever really needs further reason to look forward to a Friday.


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