Cyclic introversion?

I went to the ballroom dance practice this evening, where I didn’t actually dance. I spent the time observing others dancing, in an attempt to refresh my memory of all the moves I’ve lost over the years; while not unreasonable (in my opinion, at least), it did make me the weird guy who just watches people dance. (Of course, it didn’t help that the people I normally dance with were absent today.) This evening, potentially, was the last Wednesday night practice that I’ll ever attend; I also made an attempt (though I know it’ll be a failed one, in the end) to make a mental picture of all the people I know, at these practices. I’ve had some good times there.

At work, earlier, I started scanning payment batches—and I began to fully fathom the amount of unscanned paper waiting for me. I have my work cut out for me, for a long time to come. Thanks to being a full-fledged scanner boy, though, I didn’t really talk to anyone else the entire day. When I did talk, my voice was squeaky because it hadn’t been used in hours. (You know how your voice might take a second to settle in, if you haven’t used it in a while? Clearing your throat seems to help you recover, too.)

And, basically, I just felt like being totally introverted today. Which reminded me of when I started this blog—I was in the depths of an introversion binge then, too. (Hence the title of this entry: is my introversion on something approaching an annual cycle?)

And that reminded me that I forgot about the one-year anniversary of this endeavour. Yes, brent//BLOG stumbled into life sometime in late May—and has been going surprisingly strong since then. Not bad for my first attempt at HTML styled via CSS.

(My first attempts at HTML occurred sometime during high school, for two of the organizations formed by my friends: the FDI—Foundation Defense Industries— and the CIDA—Consul of International Defense Affairs, if I recall correctly. They were kind of fun to make, but fell flat immediately after launch. We did make some pretty nifty laminated ID cards, though.)

My introspective mood has reminded me of even more things that I’ve intended to do, but have let slide. I’m not sure how people accomplish everything they need to do in the day… I’ve heard that one of the things covered in school for the developmentally disabled are the so-called tasks of everyday living; if they’ve mastered those tasks, I think they’re one-up on me in getting through life.


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