Desperately seeking sleep

I’ve been struggling with updating the last couple days, mostly because my usual habit of updating late in the evening has been colliding with a new reality where I need to start waking up earlier in the morning. I’m not taking the change well, and (so far) have ended up short sleep, overall… which makes it even more difficult to write at the end of the day. A post of any significant length actually does take a good amount of time to write (sad as that may seem, from what results), and then when I take even longer to write something because I’m tired, that makes my night even later. Which gives me even less sleep before I wake up, which means I drag even more the next night…. Sometimes it’s just easier to drop the ball. If it happens again, you now know why.

Brian, his mom, and I headed up to Portland on Saturday. Brian’s mom had a dance competition she wanted to watch, and Brian had a mission to pick up green tea from the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. I was just along for the ride. (Of course, that ride had to be an interesting one: some sort of parade had closed down several roads—and a key bridge—that would have been nice to use. I later learned that the accursed event was the Grand Floral Parade, part of Portland’s annual Rose Festival.)

We poked around Powell’s Bookstore, and then ate lunch at a new Thai restaurant downtown—good food!—before making our way to the Chinese Garden. The place takes an entire city block, and does a hell of a job of isolating you from the surrounding noise. There is a certain tranquility in the place—the culmination of a great deal of thought in the use and arrangement of the vegetation, water, and structures—that seems relatively lost to us “modern” folk.

I’m not so foolish as to wish that I had such a garden myself, though. The maintenance of that thing must be a bear! (I am foolish enough to wish that I had enough money to both have a garden and pay for its upkeep.)

That evening I was joined by Nate and Eric for the fourth meeting of Movie Nite. The entertainment of the evening was Bubba Ho-Tep, a B-grade comedy/(pseudo-)horror flick. (If you haven’t heard of it, think “elderly Elvis and black JFK team up to fight a mummy.”) I didn’t find myself laughing as much as I thought I would during the movie, but had a hell of a time tossing quotes around afterwards.

I think I slept some, today. Otherwise, I accomplished absolutely nothing until the evening—when Marin and I finished off the end of Fruits Basket and the rest of the first disc of Galaxy Angel. Right now, though, I feel as if sleeping some more would be a good idea.


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