Old man

I wasn’t anywhere near as sore as I thought I would be today—but that doesn’t really say all that much, since I thought I wouldn’t be able to move. I am happy to report that I can move, albeit with a moderate amount of pain.

As I was slowed by the stiffness in my joints, I spent the majority of the day staring into a computer screen. I made good progress on my new website in exchange for the geek’s tan I now have; my new blog is now at least as functional as the old one ever was (read: pairs of sidebar pictures and titles now rotate again), and I have a bunch of redirect pages ready for when the new site goes live. Minor tweaks and whatnot are all that remain now, though I’ll unroll a few extra features as I get around to them.

As I’m the sort who loves clean breaks, I’ve decided that July 1st sounds like a swell day to make the switchover. Mark your calendars—or don’t, and I’ll have those redirect pages set up where things are currently.

Given the quality of my redirect pages, though, you’ll probably want to change your bookmarks quickly when the time comes. As you all will soon (re)learn, I have a bad, bad sense of humor.

I also have no sense of time. Why is it 1:20 in the morning, and why am I still awake?


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