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Marin’s prodding about professors I had for communication classes in college (yes, I took two comm classes when only one was required; don’t ask) reminded me of Dr. Bill. He was my professor for “argument and critical discourse,” way back in my freshman year, who allegedly never responded when people used his last name—”Dr. Bill” was an appropriate balance of respect and practicality. I remember that he noted that I would restrain myself from using hand gestures as I talked, and encouraged me to use that to my benefit rather than cut it off.

(Incidentally, it’s weird what—ostensibly genetically-influenced—things you pick up from your parents. My dad and I possess almost-remarkably similar thought processes and temperaments, but my tendency to wave my hands around in the air comes from my mom. Mom and I also tend to hum when we’re happy.)

Fast-forwarding several years (probably around my first senior year), I made an appearance at the annual UHC beginning-of-the-year barbecue. A man I didn’t recognize eventually made his way up to me—Dr. Bill had shaved off his moustache—and said that he didn’t remember my name or face, but recognized my body language when I spoke to others. (!) Weird, but cool, but weird. I never realized that the way I presented myself when talking to others was unique.

I’ve been reading various manga in the evenings, before bed. I’m now current on Kare Kano, which has apparently affected my dreams: the night I read volume 9, I had a dream about walking around with a gal, holding hands. The sheer beauty and simplicity of that act struck my dream-self. (Yes, there’s a touch of simpleton-romantic in me. Somewhere.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a dream derived from the Kindaichi Case File where the killer was inspired by Jason (that’s right—of Friday the 13th). I’d qualify as a virtuous person, for the purpose of horror movie archetypes… though the (virtuous) lone survivor of horror movies is almost always female. Damn and blast.

I did pick up a copy of Soul Calibur II for the GameCube, and was delighted to find that Nintendo’s odd controller works just fine with the game. It also doesn’t appear to suffer from the lag (!) I’ve seen in the PS2 port. It’s a good, fun game. It’ll be even more good and more fun when I convince Marin to buy a memory card, so I can save my progress in unlocking all its secrets.

Watched the first two episodes of Kaze no Yojimbo, and two more episodes of Galaxy Angel, this evening. Kaze no Yojimbo (which is apparently based off of a Kurosawa film, Yojimbo) had a slow, deliberate pace—perfectly suited to its setting of a small town with secrets—that piqued my curiosity something fierce. Galaxy Angel is almost the antithesis of Yojimbo; tonight’s episodes included a sentient missile that struggled against its purpose in life. As required for the genre, it soon became the cute animal mascot of the show.


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