Technical difficulties

Getting images of my old yearbook layouts is going to take a little longer than I had imagined. (I’m sure you’re all crushed by this development.) You see, in the years between my senior year of high school and now, Adobe has moved from PageMaker to InDesign. And, while InDesign 2.0 can open old PageMaker files, InDesign 3.0 cannot. I’m going to work around this, somehow.

In news related only by the annoyance of technical issues, I finally got a functional copy of HyperCard that I can use to examine my ancient Battle Scene code. (Yes—I was creative as a child, too. The program was, in its heyday, a functional—if somewhat ghetto—recreation of the Final Fantasy II battle engine.) Though I have disk images of the HyperCard installer disks (I had enough foresight to burn disk images to CD when Apple started dropping the floppy disk drive from its computers), the installer crashes in OS X’s classic mode. And since the G5 cannot start up in OS 9 proper, I had to install OS 9 on a machine that could boot it (an easy task, fortunately, due to another image I had), install HyperCard on that machine, and then copy it back to the G5.

Now all that’s standing between me and a less-ghetto recreation of the FFII battle engine is some knowledge of how to program in Flash. That, you might recall, is one of my goals for this break.

Otherwise, it was another rather bland day. At work I got sidetracked on a task that was seething with vendetta (not my own, so I’ll leave it at that), and the piles of paper in my cubicle loom even higher.

Word from Brian is that he should be back in town by the end of this week; I’m currently predicting a Thursday arrival.

Word from Andy is that the long-rumored Project Shinji-Dogg will actually take place a week from this Saturday. That’s right: as many people as we can persuade will gather, drink (well… all but me), and watch the entirety of Evangelion in one late-night sitting. I, in a masochistic way, am looking forward to it; I wonder how drunk people will take the later episodes of the show.


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