When did this happen?

Despite my unwillingness to use my right hand for the mouse today, I made significant headway against the piles of paper that dare to oppose me. My left hand isn’t absolutely awful at using the mouse (that surprised me, actually), but a good deal of my productivity came from the fact that you can do a heck of a lot in Windows by only using the keyboard. I learned all sorts of keyboard combinations I could use instead of reaching for the mouse, and thereby minimized the harm I caused to myself.

Nearly-full-keyboard access is nice, when you need it. I think OS X has something similar, now, but I’ve never bothered to see how complete it really was. Despite the keyboard being faster than mousing with my left hand, I think mousing with my right hand could still edge it out—many years of Macintosh use has made me a darn good mouser.

I was shocked to pick up the front page of the Gazette Times and learn that a new twelve-screen theater (with stadium seating, even) had been built in town—without my knowledge. Rumors about such a mega-complex have been flying for ages (since sometime in my high school days, to give a rough estimate), but things never panned out. That is, things never panned out—until now. The Carmike theater complex opens this Friday (technically “today,” as I write this), and gets its first major movie—Spiderman 2—next Wednesday.

Nate had hinted at wanting to go see Spiderman on opening night (“I’d like to go see Spiderman 2 when it opens, hint hint“); I guess we now have an even better reason to head out. Historically we’ve been stuck with Regal Cinemas, which occasionally viewed stereo sound as a perk… competition might be good.


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