An early end

I went to bed far too late last (Tuesday) night, after trying to get Marin’s computer completely put together again. Then Calliope started yowling this morning, as if she were in a cat fight, and so I leapt out of bed far too early. Turns out Calliope was just yowling for no good reason (though I think there was some unrelated cat fight occurring outside); I then wound up puttering around on Marin’s computer a bit more, before crashing again—hard—and then waking up again at noon.


As a result of my stunning performance this morning, I didn’t get everything scanned at work that I should have, and will end up inconveniencing whoever is working the edit list tomorrow—unless I get in damn early and finish my scanning. (I did, however, master cron—with the help of a little GUI program—and finish setting up an actual, fully automated backup routine for Marin.) So: I’m going to bed “early” for once, in an effort to right some wrongs.

It’d be more exciting if my wrongs were a bit more serious, I admit. I’ll have to work on that.


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