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Dance started out pretty rocky this evening—not many people, and Brent in a somewhat antisocial mood—but turned around before the end. I chatted more than I usually do, danced (especially at the end) more than I usually do, and began the start of a (silly) drawing competition against Marco. You see, there’s a chalkboard in the dance hall—where Marco drew an elaborate rose during one of the dances. I then, after great thought, sketched a little something on the other side of the chalkboard. Marco asked if I was drawing something too, and I replied that it wasn’t much; he then told me (and verified with a nearby friend) that “everything is art.”

I wonder if he’ll hold that tune when he sees my protozoan stick tango.

Yes, that’s right: two stick figures in the middle of the “circles in the sand” tango move. Since (as I learned from one of Marco’s friends later) Marco’s had some actual drawing experience, the only way I can complete is by doing something completely different, and completely stupid. I intend to refine my art until it evolves into an actual “stick tango,” at which point I’ll officially enter the competition.

I’ve also realized that I really need to attend those dance lessons before the practices. I’m losing what little edge I had, week by week, and actual lessons are the only way to recover what I’ve lost—dance practices only really help to prevent further dance skill atrophy.

In backup news, I realized that I’m an idiot. My old backup strategy (storing one computer’s backup on another computer) was born in a day when each computer only had one hard drive. If each computer had two hard drives (as would be required by my earlier RAID 1 goal), then simply backing up to the second drive would be as good (and actually better, because you could retrieve files you accidentally deleted) than having the RAID by itself. Furthermore, setting a computer up to automatically backup to a second hard drive is a heck of a lot easier than trying to automate backing up to a second machine. (Keep in mind that we turn our computers off when we’re not using them; none of them are on 24/7.)


Alas, I trashed Osaka (Marin’s computer has a small drive and a big drive, cleverly named “Chiyo-chan” and “Osaka”) before I had my backup revelation. Hence I’m staying up late once again, trying to get things back to where they were.

And, if you need entertainment while I scan away at more paper tomorrow, check this bizarre office simulation game out (link found on the Ars forums). Alas, I can only unceremoniously dump large piles of paper into recycling bags; this way would be much more entertaining.


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