Dancing, dropping dough, and disc golf

Dance yesterday was pretty much a success, save for the fact that I was determined that I would dance at least once with Kristina (something I’ve not done the last few weeks), only to be foiled by the fact that she didn’t show. If it’s not one thing…. In terms of things that actually happened, Robin (the Other Robin from my Latin I class) asked me to cha-cha. Seems she enjoys twirling; luckily for me, the handful of cha-cha moves I know involve lots of that. I even impressed one of the guys I chat with on the sideline (the one who commented early on that I really ought to dance, if I’m going to bother attending a dance practice […]), which is unusual.

I also mastered a “hinge” opening move in the waltz (it takes you from closed position—where you’re facing each other—to an open position where lead and follow are side-by-side), which is a more-graceful way of getting to a nifty grapevine-and-twirl move, and actually was able to put into practice some nightclub two-step moves I had learned solely by observation. I can now transition gracefully from a stationary basic to a traveling basic, and can twirl the follow during the traveling basic—not all that fancy, but a world of improvement from what little I knew before.

It seems my lackadaisical attitude towards future actuarial exams (I will most-likely face two exams in early November—one covering economics/finance, and the other about basic actuarial models) was bothering my dad. I can’t say I blame him—I haven’t really done anything since mid-May—so today I took the time to look for the required texts for the next exams. End result: I just dropped a good wad of cash on books (::cough:: I mean, saved a whole lot of money on books).

I better get a decent job from all this.

Brian and I played disc golf this evening, and—just as it was getting dark—ran into a group of four, two of whom I casually knew from the OSU honors college. I can’t remember the guy’s name for the life of me (P-something?), but I did remember Shannon’s name, and she seemed to remember me. We’ve crossed paths randomly over my years at OSU; once I played the straight-man for her, when others were telling her she had something on the back of her shirt, and another time was a random “you know how to swing [dance], right?” pull-me-on-the-floor to dance. I remember her friends being reasonably impressed with our performance… probably the first time my dancing impressed anyone, actually.

It was an odd chance encounter, though it was fun. (I managed to do decently on the hole, too, which was an unexpected bonus.) Their group had apparently seen ¡Three Amigos! recently, as they were quoting from it liberally. P-whassisname was carrying around a teddy bear for some reason, and decided to let out a scream (closer to a blood-curdling shriek) every time he threw his disc.

The other guy in the group decided to follow suit, and promptly tossed his disc deep into the brush. A “fun” group search ensued.


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