Discombobulated thoughts

It certainly didn’t take long for Marin’s predictions to start falling apart: this afternoon Media Blasters announced that they have the rights to Midori no Hibi. More predictions should be trashed tomorrow and Sunday.

The last couple days I’ve been complaining bitterly about being tired, and hence going to bed (it’s hard to write about your day when all you wnat to do is sleep)… the only problem is that, after having gotten reasonable amounts of sleep, I’m still out of it. Hence my new theory: I’m sick, dammit. Evidence supporting this hypothesis arose at 4:30 this afternoon, when I felt so bad that I clocked out of work early to go sleep on the (not-terribly-comfortable) work couch. My new hope is that I’ll be recovered in time for the Fourth.

In other news, I’ve become addicted to a new (to me) brand of jerky: Tillamook Country Smoker’s “Beef Steak Nuggets.” Jerky has always been a weakness of mine.

Well. Rather than try to force myself to write more when I don’t feel like it (again, that desire to sleep), I’ll link and run. I found a great piece on guilty pleasure movies (and, specifically, The Karate Kid part III) linked from Trying to Grok a few days ago, and identified with it quite a bit (I too have watched Karate Kid III more times than can be rationally justified). I do love some bad movies (The Wizard is near and dear to my heart, for one), and I consistently watched both Joe Bob Briggs‘ Monstervision and MST3K back in the day (be sure to read through IMDB’s MST3K quotes for a laugh).

And if you want something more tangible, have a look at 3hive.com (link originally found on Hicksdesign). Free MP3 downloads; try out different types of music. I should probably explore it more, as my musical tastes could use some broadening.

I mean, if left to my own devices I’d be listening to a mix of oldies and ’80s music. My sister’s the only reason I have any music on my iPod that might be palatable to other human beings.


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