C-town broke into triple-digit temperatures today, for the first time this year. It was no good.

I, consequently, was (and am) extremely sluggish. The good news for the day is that my G5 got fixed right-quick; the bad news is that I—hopefully for the last time—now get to reinstall everything. Again. I’m really getting sick of looking at progress bars.

The other highlight of the day was finally (re-)attaining a state of perfection at work. That’s right: today marks the first day of 2004 where I am completely, absolutely caught-up on scanning paper. As my certainty of reaching this diluted-nirvana increased, I began spouting off to Eric about how nobody [could] stop me. Even better, the server backup seems to be running again—so I was able to recycle a fire-hazard-load of paper (or, as I envisioned it in my heat-warped mind, I finally shed my cocoon of paper [an obvious subconscious reference to a crazy man from Great Teacher Onizuka, FYI]) and clean out my cubicle something fierce.

On the home front, Calliope seems to be killing a decent bit of the local wildlife. She goes absolutely insane if we try to keep her inside (and so drives us crazy as well), and will become increasingly sneaky about trying to get outside whenever she hears a door open… so making her an indoor cat isn’t a very good option. Letting other animals die isn’t really appealing to us, either—so we’ve begun a program of scaring Calliope something fierce every time we see her attack something. Already got to yell at her once this evening; now to see if we can get her to change her ways….


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