Someone set me up the bomb

So there I was at work, scanning (i.e. “minding my own business”), when all of a sudden Tonya drops a small forest of paper in my To Scan pile. In theory I was supposed to have all that stuff scanned before tomorrow—in reality, I had lost before I began. I don’t think it’s even worth trying to wake up early and try to cover myself, this time.

This evening I was poking around the iTunes Music Store. There you can find “iTunes Essentials,” or various lists of songs posted for your perusal; my favorite list to browse through (though I don’t think I’ve ever bought a song because of it) is the monthly alternative collection. On this month’s list was “In Your Eyes,” by some guy named Mitch Allan.

After poking around a little more, because I kind of liked the song, I learned that Mitch Allan is the lead singer of SR-71. Which is the group who sang “Right Now,” one of my most-liked alternative songs.

In short: maybe I should just cave in and buy some SR-71 CDs. I seem to like their music.

My light reading for the next three months (i.e. the textbooks I’ll be tested on for my next actuarial exams) continues to arrive piecemeal. Buying books from Amazon’s marketplace, so far, has worked out really well.

Somehow it hasn’t sunk in that Otakon is this weekend. I should be starting to worry about all the anime titles that’ll be announced that I’ll want, but for whatever reason I’m just floating along in a happy little blur of obliviousness.

Since I’m still not my action-packed self (ha), here’s another nifty little flash game: Hydrophobia (link found at AppleGeeks). I especially like the peaceful BGM for this one; it helps me to relax when I click the mouse instead of hitting the spacebar. (It takes a while for me to get used to any game controls that aren’t based around a console controller. This is a polite way of saying that I’m pathetic at any computer game when I first start playing.*)

[*The one exception being my first game of Descent, played in my high school’s Mac lab just after we had finished building the lab’s ethernet network. There, beginner’s luck trumped both my ineptitude and my tendency to get nauseated at 3-D games—and I kicked serious ass. Sadly, I’ve never been able to recreate that experience.]


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