Sorry to disappoint you

…but I’m not dead yet. You’ll have to try better than that to do in the likes of me.

(Actually, the junky hours I’ve been holding lately have more to do with my absence than anything else; at the end of the day, I’m just too exhausted to bother writing anything more than “ugh. update later.” And so, as that’s not really worth much, I just go to bed.)

Here’s the latest run-down on “things”:

Played disc golf with Brian and Eric on Thursday evening. Eric had the decency to not outdo me (though he came close at times) on his second game ever, though I fear for my ranking in the near future if he picks up a disc again. Otherwise I worked more than eight hours, and felt the burn something fierce—those full days are killers. For me.

On Friday the goods I ordered were delivered, and so I upgraded my computer: I have a shiny new hard drive (for backups, my latest obsession) and a shiny new (and cheap!) DVI cable connecting my monitor. I can’t say that the difference between VGA and DVI has blinded me, but I did first notice flaws in my desktop picture after I upgraded the cable.

Stupid DVI cable.

Last night we gathered the official Movie Nite crew (now including Brian) for the latest round of fighting boredom in C-town. This time our weapon of choice was Underworld, a “vampires versus werewolves” film. Or, perhaps more honestly, a Kate Beckinsale film. It really wasn’t all that bad, save for a classic anime-inspired scene where the effects of a wound are realized some ten-odd seconds after it is inflicted. Post-movie events included randomly surfing the Wikipedia, crossing Bombat with plastic bat, and throwing down in Soul Calibur II.


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