Stupid Hummah G5

When I purchased my G4, many moons ago, it was the first revision of a new machine—and I had absolutely no problems with it. I wish I could say the same for my G5. A noisy power supply was the first reason to send it in to the shop (warranty repairs are nice); the second trip (which will begin shortly, once I’ve finished cleaning off the hard drive) is due to a defective graphics card.

Once again, then, I’m back on my powerbook. (I’m glad I have a backup machine I can use!) Shortly I’ll have my dual-monitor setup again, which will still suffer from a lack of computing muscle to back up the extra screen real-estate.

I’m slowly recovering from the bug that took my by surprise on Sunday. Last night Marin and I watched the first disc of Gad Guard, which confused us greatly: who is this show aimed at? The young protagonists and cartoony robots would suggest a younger-kids show, but there’s actually a good bit of innuendo thrown in—and the animation is far more detailed than, say, Pokemon. I can’t guess at all what path it’s going to follow, which is unusual… will it be a band of kids teaming up to fight evil? Will it turn into something really dark?

I, obviously, need to see what others who have seen the show say about it.

There was a Big Meeting at work this morning, where we were introduced to Groupcast. From the presentation, it seems that Groupcast is a pretty HTML wrapper around the GPMS core we all love to hate. It makes the output much more readable, at the cost of requiring extensive use of the mouse. (This makes Groupcast perfect for me, since I hate the arcane GPMS text output, have no need to be quick about things, and am quite proficient with a mouse—but makes it a bum deal for everyone else.)

Ah well… time to wrap this up—my computer’s ready to head to the shop.


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