Worst. Game. Ever.

This evening Brian and I decided to play an abbreviated game of disc golf starting at about 8:00 pm. Our first throws of the game were ill-fated, and both veered horribly to the right. To illustrate:

[road] [fairway] [forest (our discs) forest] [the alpha hole]

We spent a good long time poking around the bushes, trying to find our discs. When I said*, earlier today, that I[ was] gonna get tore up this evening, I didn’t mean by blackberry bushes.

[*which is to say, “when I didn’t say”]

Through the magic of pure dumb luck, I managed to discover our discs. I then promptly (“on hole five”) threw my disc into the ether. It’s never, ever coming out again.


Earlier today, Kristina, Billie, Kris and I chatted a bit about horror movies (our discussion was first spurred by the impending arrival of The Village). Kristina and I seemed to appreciate the topic more than the others; Billie told about the time she, as a child, harassed her mom into letting her watch Stephen King’s It. Her mom’s one condition was that Billie not bother her that night about being scared… and it “turned out to be one of the worst nights of her life.”

[I remember reading the book, back in the day. I’d say it’s one of the better Stephen King books I’ve read (It, Bag of Bones, and The Stand are probably my top three—not that I’ve read them all, by any stretch), and probably the scariest one. The other two I found to be quite engrossing… but not scary.]

Later in the day, Billie saddled me with some tedious “update settings in the system” project. I was going to complain about how I got to be feeling like a machine, and [how] that’s no way to feel, but thought that might be a bit too risque for my coworkers.**

[**This is the biggest bunch of baloney excuse ever; the majority of my coworkers have minds deeper in the gutter than I do. I’m not even sure how that’s possible.]

And, for a record-breaking two random links in a row: play 20 Questions with a computer (I forget where I found this link…). That sucker is good.


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