Everything falls apart

What have I done to cause things to fall apart? Why can’t my electronics actually work like they’re supposed to? Which deity did I tick off this time?

It’s not my G5 this time, but my monitor. The display began to add a decorative white line about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the screen—needless to say, my tastes differed from its tastes. The good news in all of this is that it’s under warranty, and Sharp is even paying for me to FedEx it back to them. (The bad news is that I nearly broke it trying to get it back into its packaging, and that’s not covered by warranty.)

So now I’m running off of a monitor I lifted (er… borrowed) from my dad’s PC. Though functional, it only has a decent refresh rate at 1024 x 768; I already miss the extra real estate (not to mention the crispness of the picture) of my LCD.

Boo hoo. Sob. Whine.

The heat around these parts has made it difficult to sleep at night. This is an unnecessary additional reason for not-sleeping, and only serves to make me that much less functional throughout the day. My memory has already suffered, and my ability to speak coherent sentences seems to also be impinged. Loss of rational thought cannot be that far behind.


3 Responses to Everything falls apart

  1. Brian says:

    Stop whining. You lack discipline.

  2. Brent says:


  3. Brian says:

    Just do what I tell you.


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