Hard times

Sleep deprivation and family trouble continue to plague me, and consequently this blog. (It’s been a long week and a half….) Yesterday’s activity of note was a grueling Soul Calibur II deathmatch against Brian; he ultimately prevailed, I’m sad to admit.

Brian’s kung-fu is better than my kung-fu. There, I said it.

Hearing Andy’s take on the unfolding I Love Bees incident has been one of my few sources of humor, lately. (It appears to be a massive—and extremely clever—promotion for Halo II; for a clue about what’s happened, check out this wiki when it’s not down.) The latest phase involved people being at specific locations throughout the country at specific times, so that they can answer a phone call with an appropriate code-word; I only mention this because one of those locations was actually on Arnold Way, in C-town. Crazy.

I did make it to the ballroom dance practice this evening, which did the most anything could do to lift me out of my funk. Spent most of the time as a wallflower (standard operating procedure for me, in life), though I genuinely enjoyed watching people this evening. I was eventually pulled out to dance by Anne, and had an enjoyable chat with her afterwards (I’m not the only recent graduate who’s still in town!); I finished the evening by waltzing with Nadia—a friend of Joe’s and Barry’s (two guys who I tend to chat with) who I had never officially met.

Next week is the last summer dance practice, and so will run extra-long for added fun. I guess I should be ready to really dance. I should be able to… theoretically.


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