Meeting score: 9/10

Yeesh. I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off—and that’s despite the fact that I haven’t really had much energy lately. (I’ve just been taking care of a good heap of the mundane activities of life that I had been putting off. Turns out I probably put them off a bit too long….) Cleaning up these odds and ends has handily filled my free time.

That, and the fact that Marin and I agreed to house-sit for a coworker this week. The problem with this is that we need to keep the plants and grass alive until Saturday, and those plants and grass appear to like water. (Or, rather, they appear to dislike a lack of water.) We spend more time fighting a hose in the evenings….

The meeting this morning was (for once!) action-packed. We had shocking revelations, awesome color-changing action (namely peoples’ faces growing red with anger), and Brent (apparently; I don’t remember using these words exactly) denouncing one of the management’s new benchmarks as worthless. Even the post-meeting chit-chat was chock-full of tasty morsels of intrigue. It was almost all I could ever hope a meeting to be.

(I had to mark it down for lack of tears, if you really must know.)

Of course, I can crack wise about how entertaining these meetings are only because I’ve managed to maintain some distance between myself and the organization. After today’s meeting, I can wholeheartedly say that I’m glad I didn’t accept the offer to become an actual employee. The knowledge that I don’t need this job to survive—that I’ll be moving on sometime, anyway—is the major reason I stay sane.

In anime news, Evangelion’s opening theme in surround-sound runs a shiver down my spine. The vibrant colors, purty box, and whatnot of Eva Platinum are nice, too—but they don’t give me a chill like that opening.

Van Damme.


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